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Our Mission

We want everyone to feel better about themselves or life after spending time with us! ⁠

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Who are we?

Hey, we are Courtney Hill & Hermione Hart! We have lived and breathed the real estate industry for many years.


We've both worked on the front line, as well as with industry leading service providers and understand that every business and person in this industry is unique. 


Hermione runs her own busy coaching business, and Courtney leads a national sales team, all whilst juggling busy family life. 

We both love a laugh, a wine and want to bring you a fresh and positive approach to life in the real estate industry. 

So join us for a chat about this wonderful and sometimes weird life working in the real estate industry!





Executive Producer & Host



Executive Producer & Host

Check with the Chicks

We want to hear from you!

Remember when you used to write into Dear Dolly or your fave magazine and ask your awkward and embarrassing questions?

Why don't they have this for grown ups! Well now they do.. well, we do - in the form of us - here to provide completely unqualified advice on life and work situations for our friends in the industry!

Awkward situation at work? Advice you need that you cant ask anyone in your life about? Something you just don't understand or want a rant about?

Jump over to or anonymous form to submit and we'll answer the best questions live on our podcast!!

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